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For an LPG distribution company that occupies a large market in the gas sector, two-digit sales success and growth comes with a threat of costly or inefficient supply chain threat reduce market share.

With the review and re-evaluation of the company’s retail strategy implementation plan for the 2016-2020 period, they know that in order to be successful in this technology era, their distribution management system needs to be strong. Much more than what they are. They turned to eCONTACT consulting to improve their distribution system.

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The biggest challenge is that KMN company has not used technology properly. Too much work is still being done manually, which means it takes a long time to record the numbers and then be analyzed. Direct data is also not available and decisions can only be made after all necessary data is reported from the sub-stations and branches. This has hindered the development of KMN; They know that they can create a stronger market share if the data management processes are more dynamically resolved. Identified difficulties:

  • Manually manage through a record book and enter Excel:

    Spending a lot of time for checking, comparing and statistics data with high reliability. No quality management reports, fast and timely.

  • It takes a lot of time to set up a book to monitor LPG bottles:

    Selling to other LPG traders or customers about: owners, bottles, bottle serial numbers, verification dates on bottles, names and addresses of customers buying bottled LPG, used customers, delivery dates Bottled LPG to prove to the authorities and insurance when there is a fire and explosion accident as well as to comply with the regulations of Decree 87 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade on gas trading.

  • Spending a lot of time and manpower in inventory inventory, checking:

    Before giving maintenance. Do not trace the shell, do not know who is holding the gas tank after having exited the warehouse. Unable to control the situation of loss, loss of shells, counterfeit goods, counterfeit goods or illegal filling.

  • Sales channels via Mobile app, hotline has not really exploited effectively:

    The company deployed through various sales channels from mobile app to hotline and selling through traditional channels at stores. However, these systems do not have a common voice, data synchronization and efficient exploitation, leading to huge waste of resources.

The goal of this solution is to apply IT to the management of LPG retail distribution channels and to manage the details of the bottles ‘bottles’ assets to the serial number on the basis of cloud computing technology. Integrate various sales channels into the eGAS distribution management system with intelligent, automatic calculation from the system. The advantage of this solution is that users depending on their roles can interact with the management system anytime, anywhere. Customers are also aware of the origin of goods, discovering genuine and counterfeit goods through the QR Code system.

KMN employees are now given more rights, participate in a more reasonable and efficient distribution chain – KMN also has the benefit of creating and accessing reports immediately whenever needed. They can now make quick decisions based on the latest real-time data.

The result of the improvement is shown by the numbers:

  • Reduce reporting time to 47%
  • Proactive in Customer Care 80%
  • 95% reduction in risk of losing customers back orders
  • Shares increased by 10%
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