eSCM – supply chain management of goods and thingseSCM sports shoes

Supply chain for ordering and supplying goods to subcontractors from different countries such as China, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia …

Korean FDI company Samho professionally processes and manufactures sports shoes for world famous brands such as Adidas, New balance, Nike. The need to build supply chain applications for ordering and supplying goods to subcontractors of materials from different countries such as China, Korea and Vietnam helps to achieve the supply and supply of goods. So quickly, smoothly and win the trust of investors Addidas, Nike, New balance. With the review and re-evaluation of the company’s implementation plan for the 2015-2020 production strategy, they know that in order to be successful in this technology era, eCONTACT’s supply chain management system is appropriate with the need to improve their supply system.

The biggest challenge is that Samho is hand-crafted orders and deliveries, which means it takes a long time to record the numbers and then analyze them. This constrained Samho’s development; They know that they can create a stronger market share if the data management processes are more dynamically resolved. Identified difficulties:

  • Manually manage through a record book and enter Excel:

    Spending a lot of time for checking, comparing and statistics data with high reliability. No quality management reports, fast and timely.

  • It takes a long time to set up a tracking book:

    Raw materials ordered from the production line system and receive delivery materials from subcontractors.

  • Spending a lot of time and manpower in inventory inventory, checking:

    Before putting into production operation system.

The goal of this solution is to apply IT to managing orders and deliveries automatically from material subcontractors. The parcel received smartly managed through the barcode system – Barcode and straightening and production line.
Great savings of human resources for PO and tallying. The subcontractor also has a clear and timely supply plan and strategy for Samho’s orders.
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