The eSCM system analyzes and provides intelligent reports and warnings to help management and managers have timely customer care plans. Finding customers is difficult, keeping customers more difficult.

If you are willing to customize the system according to the specialized operations, how do you feel most satisfied when using the system?

Minimize Excel tracking on sales, customer debt monitoring, ordering, import, daily inventory control. Increasing efficiency and labor efficiency of each employee and collective. Minimize operator errors and errors. The results of the information are more accurate without consuming much effort and cost.

With the help of Dashboard and intelligent management reports, managed hierarchically on multiple levels to provide management, managers to see throughout the data to track from stores, branches, warehouses. , factory to make timely direction decisions.

The eSCM software is designed according to the modular architecture that allows easy expansion of applications of the same system or different systems so that the entire enterprise data is consistent and consistent.

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