1. System deployed under Cloud Computing model – Cloud

Cloud computing technology brings many benefits to businesses in saving resources to invest in machinery and equipment. Saving maintenance team of server equipment requires high professional skills. Every member of the company participates in the distribution chain, depending on his role, can access the system anytime, anywhere.

2. Multi-point distribution – Multi-storey management

eCONTACT provides solutions for customers with a system of distribution stores throughout the provinces and cities nationwide, managed by the organization to manage: The company (head quarter) manages branches. Branches manage stores and warehouses. As a result, data on sales volume, inventory data, customer debt, sales situation as well as price, promotion & discount policies are managed closely and throughout. and synchronized.

3. Integrated sales channels Mobile App, Hotline, eCommerce & Offline

eCONTACT provides a complete distribution system solution that integrates various sales channels from Offline, eCommerce to Hotline and Mobile App. Data through these different sales channels is not located in a single area but is integrated in the company’s database system. This helps customers manage data in a synchronous, consistent and consistent way.

4. Hologram solution, QR code product series & origin check

eCONTACT manages Customer’s products to each series. Use holograms, stamps, void open stamps to counterfeit goods. In addition, we encrypt the product series as QR Code to help customers access the product origin easily by scanning QR codes on smartphones. Ensuring peace of mind for customers when using products of the right quality as well as helping you to fight against problems of counterfeit and fake goods.

5. Solution integrated module

eCONTACT provides a modular system integration solution, so we are flexible in your system deployment options depending on the needs and purposes of the system.

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