Company introduction

eCONTACT is a professional software company in the supply chain management (Supply Chain Management) field. We propose an eSCM smart software solution with the aim of helping customers build a modern IT system for management of production, sales, purchase and sale of goods, management of debts and materials. assets of the unit to minimize operating costs, take initiative in sales, optimize inventory of goods, use assets effectively, and increase profits for your business.

With the understanding of information technology and experience in supply chain management and distribution, we have the capacity to advise and successfully implement projects in this field. And further, we look forward to becoming your Trusted Partner in order to achieve the set objectives.

Our motto is “Quality, efficiency, accompanying businesses to prosper“.

Our mission

Our software system helps customers solve the following problems:

  • Support the management board in making decisions in the procurement of materials and materials for production and business by optimizing two questions: buy when? and how much to buy? In order to create a correspondence between “supply” and “demand” help turn around capital effectively, avoid excess inventory, soak capital but still ensure goods are always ready to meet customer needs with service level “high service level”.
  • Proactively adapt quickly to continuous changes in the business environment: increasing competition, the company’s products are positioned in the minds of consumers but with only one problem arising in relation to products, even very small, is enough to make inventory increase rapidly. The smart system needs timely management reports and alerts to help management make appropriate decisions.
  • Optimizing supply chain from forecasting quantity of goods (forecast), to planning (planning), scheduling (scheduling) and implement the plan (execution).
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